Part 2. A bit more entrenched in the journey.  Buckle up….



BLOG ENTRY. March 30. 2015.

Its a MASSACRE!   Video installment #1 from last Friday exhibit in Singapore at GLITCH.

The “Selfie Game 1000″

selfie_game_1000webBehold:  The “SELFIE GAME 1000“.    Ladies, I got your next wave of the selfie game covered…. It hides all your bad angles, ‘cuz it literally goes around them. Impress your friends, impress your enemies….     Take back the self esteem you wish you had.  Available at check out counters of all CVS, WALLGREENS, DUANE READE and WALLMART.    Comes with convenient dash board mount, for those dangerous driving selfies.  It’s a new year, don’t let your selfie game get left behind.     Produced by ‪#‎THEGIMMEPROJECT‬. Coming soon.


Ewokone VIDEO BLOG drop number 96. With SP.ONE & Totem 2.

BLOG ENTRY  February 4th, 2015


Giraffrica finished…..

BLOG ENTRY January 21,2015    “GIRAFFRICA” completed…

face_detailWEB -5 -4 -2 -1 DICKHEAD GIRAFFRICA

LOLLLL, I don’t know….. don’t ask/////// its art, fuck it….  24 x 36 on Masonite. Mixed Media, palette knife, acrylic, Aerosol etc etc……