Ewokone x Vision Street Wear x Toto Printing Video drop

BLOG ENTRY Tues. July 29th. 2014 Video Drop.

This showcases the process of TOTO Printing doing my screen prints, (unseen is me jumping in and pulling a bunch of the black layers. I Just don;t feel right personally if I don't get in the mix and do some work. So I shot over to TOTO Printing  and made sure to get my hands dirty for this print process. Then Brought the prints back tot he studio and signed and numbered them.  If youre in the NY area and need screen printing, check out http://totoprint.co/  Tell'm I sent ya,  he's a great printer with a great work ethic. and his prices are good.


VIDEO BLOG 92. The last of the Brasil adventures.

BLOG ENTRY July 15. 2014.  The last and final installment of my Brasil  Adventures, powered by Converse.

another recap from Baller Status Tv.



BLOG ENTRY  July 11. 2014.  Recap video...


VISION STREET WEAR x EWOKONE Launch event recap.

BLOG ENTRY July 9, 2014   VISION STREET WEAR x EWOKONE Launch event recap.

Last Wednesday was the launch event in the Lower East Side for the Vision Street Wear x Ewokone Summer 2014 Capsule.... Below is a bunch of photos that where given to me to share with you all, Photo credit so far goes to Ian of East view Photography, Maria Delmar, and Joe Russo . More coverage will trickle in as time goes on and I will most likely drop 2 videos, one to recap the event, and one of the sold out screen print and the whole creation process that went into it over at TOTO .

Moving on, Wed. was an historic event indeed, many many iconic faces of NYC came out to support myself and of course the legacy and heritage of Vision. I have to admit this has been a dream collabo for myself and I wish the guys over at VSW all the best moving forward, I hope they have the freedom to keep doing good things and the door is always open when they want to come back and do more work together..   Vision is such a nostalgic brand for me that just brings back so many good memories of my youth, and just being in love with skateboarding every single day of my younger years, which ultimately lead me to Graffiti....

dive into these pics...

Lastly I gotta give a plug to the VISIONSTREETWEAR.COM website, where you can swing by and pic up the capsule for yourself ;) while they last of course. Don't say I didn't warn you....