Dickhead Giraffrica finished…..

BLOG ENTRY January 21,2015    “DICKHEAD GIRAFFRICA” completed…

face_detailWEB -5 -4 -2 -1 DICKHEAD GIRAFFRICA

LOLLLL, I don’t know….. don’t ask/////// its art, fuck it….  24 x 36 on Masonite. Mixed Media, palette knife, acrylic, Aerosol etc etc……



Sunny side Egg Peyote Eyes Painting…. stages

BLOG ENTRY January 19. 2015

“Sunny Side Egg Peyote Eyes” Painting…. stage




From start to finish this was fun, beginning with palette knife, then brushwork and then some spray paint back to palette knife… Mixed media on Masonite.  There’s some video on my Instagram, go check it @mrewokone


finished finally….

  BLOG ENTRY Dec. 29, 2014.  Finally finished this piece.

TurtleshellWEBScreen Shot 2014-12-29 at 2.09.49 PMScreen Shot 2014-12-29 at 2.10.04 PMScreen Shot 2014-12-29 at 3.18.25 PM


this painting has been through a lot of phases…. and has overseen a good amount of hardship in my personal life, so I feel that the ingredients for this piece are very unique.  From it’s inception, it was originally planned to be painted on a wall in Miami’s art district, after bringing the original sketch back home, I decided to put the energy of it onto a canvas 5 ft tall x 4 ft wide.  Along the way I made some changes in the content, at first my plan was to put a mermaid on a wrecked pirate ship on the top. Then there was a phase where I painted a portrait of someone specific as the mermaid, but upon weeks of seeing it, it became more of a painful reminder instead of a homage or a promise…  I walked away from the painting again for a few months unsure what to do… I eventually made the decision to cover it completely with something else,  along with one of the vulture images that turned into  another subject matter completely, and again the baboon’s face in the shadow changed from it’s original version…. All in all, I’m very happy to have this completed, it started to become a thing where I could just sit for whole nights just doing detail… It needed to be finished and I think my plan mentally was to “wrap it up by the end of the year”     – I finished a little sooner than planned.  Anyway Im glad to be able to share it finally in it’s completion.

blood sweat stress and tears for sure on this mixed media result…


MASTA ASE / PAUL NICE album cover. Behind the Scenes.


BLOG ENTRY. DEC. 27, 2014.  Behind the scenes photo from the album cover art done for the MASTA ASE/ GURU  & Paul Nice “Conflict” Remix. 



This is a #TBT pic I found somewhere on a hard drive. Figured I’d share it.  Also below is the video from the project.


Kim Jong Un jokes

BLOG ENTRY Kim JOKE Un….  Just too easy….

So daily this shit has unfolded in the “media” ( if that’s what were calling it these days) and I’ve had fun with it. recently N. Korea’s  internet apparently got fried clyde, which is actually pretty hilarious, they said there’s only about a 1000 IP addresses in the whole country. LOLLLLL that alone cracks me up, anyway I guess it went “off” over there, and unfortunately none of them can see my jokes, but maybe one day when they get back on line….  newest first, and older goes back in time….

UPDATE! Literally had to add this while I was posting this entry….

10857968_10153451159012738_1239606223381796139_n♬ “YOUVE GOT MAIL” ♬

“yaaaaay, I bet it’s Denis”

Kim, pissed about no internet

“That’s it Amewwicca, no mah games! “

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 4.50.41 PM

From when he said, somethin’ on the lines of “We didn’t threaten SONY, and if you don;t believe us, we’ll threaten you”   #logic #mensa

-5This one was for when they I guess sent threats to SONY and the “Interview” got yanked….

51this one I think set off my jokes on him, after I heard he executed a few military men for apparently watching soap operas. lolll, look it up…