Feb.16th Blog Entry 2013

Swing over to the newly renovated BUCKCHERRY .COM website. This year while they where in the studio working on this brand new album I was building with Keith and Josh on the visual side as to what the graphics would look like for each song. The basis of this project was the 7 sins. A song dedicated to each sin and a story being told throughout the album, a story I won’t give away but basically I was hired to offer my warped view on things to bring something completely new and fresh to the project. Something that nobody would see coming!  I think we hit it out the park, and I know for the guys this album means a lot to them personally so I have a feeling there’s some true life references to them if you listen to the story line. I’m aware this kind of music might not be for my sites “demo”, and if know me you’d know I’m an 80’s baby who grew up on rap and skate rock, but I gotta tip my hat to these guys, they’ve given me back stage VIP treatment to a few shows and from the point of view of someone who’s never seen them perform, and to be honest didn;t know much about their music at all,  each show I went to I was floored by their performances and how die hard their fan base is. The kill it! I mean REALLY kill it.  I had a blast at every show I went to.

Anyways, check out their new site, you’ll see a bunch of the work I did on the album all over the front page, which is also fold out art in all the albums, Itunes package, as well as collectors 12 inch vinyl records they got on the site as a PRE ORDER for the smart people who collect things today that will be worth a shit ton of money tomorrow. ( Don’t say I didn’t warn you, my blog is like insider stock tips for Wall St. but for art collectors) Feel free to grab one of the 12 inch records, I think the vinyl is red or something, but more importantly the graphics inside.


Feb. 15th Blog Update. 2013. V-day gift. ADVENTUREWOK TIME Illustration.

A fun Valentine’s Day gift I did to resemble 2 people and their pets, rotating the main ADVENTURE TIME characters out, and replacing them with characteristics and pets to make it a complete inside joke and a funny twist on something recognizable.  Plus the cartoon rocks…

Whipped it up in about an hour, with a little extra time spent masking off the foreground to throw some spray paint in the sky.