Jean Giraud aka MOEBIUS

Feb. 12, 2013 Blog Entry.  Dedicated to the genius of MOEBIUS.  8 May 1938 – 10 March 2012

Today I wanted to showcase an artists work I only discovered last year for the 1st time, but has since become a great inspiration to me, the late  Jean Giraud aka MOEBIUS.  The more images I dig up the more inspired and amazed I become, this man truly was one of the greats. What I enjoy about his work is not only the level of detail and craftsmanship, or the staging of his layouts, or the dreamlike colors he’s uses… more importantly to me anyway was the mind behind the vehicle that put the ideas paper. These things to me are what make someone stand out from the rest…  In some rare cases when looking at an artist’s work you have an immediate window into the mind of who that person was/is and how his brain worked.  A self portrait of sorts as to who that artist is, in cases where the artist is true to himself and not creating a product strictly to make money. In those cases for instance you usually wind up with art that is catering only to an audience that usually wants to buy ANOTHER artist’s work they can’t afford, and behind him is a few people creating a similar but lack luster lower price point of art, usually lacking greatly the integrity said first artist offers.  In this case you know right away this man was one of a kind and had no limitations when creating his work whether it was commissioned or for himself. One of my biggest let downs now will be never having the chance to ask him questions or ever getting the chance to meet him.  His work now goes for steep prices as well, so that narrows the option further of being able to own a piece of his, for me anyway.

One of my favorites.

One thing that I’ve noticed throughout the years of researching artists that stand out for me is that usually (not in all cases) the really unique artists that I look up wind up being left handed to my surprise. I don’t  exactly know why this is but in my opinion I find that these left handed artists to creating from a different part of the brain then right handed people. Generic right handed artists are usually the type, even in their successful stages to be reproductive types, be it masterful landscape painters from photos or refernece, or photographic portrait painters from life study or photographic references. The ones who generally bring something brand new from the deep corners of the mind seem to be leftys, I find anyway.   There’s plenty of research on this topic alone but I’m not here to delve into that now, but I will say when I look at MOEBIUS’ art, his work reminds me of the way a lefty would create, but he’s a righty!  So I can only wonder if he was able to break through some kind of  barriers and was able to create from the part of the brain some lefty’s are easier tapping into.  This also goes for another artist fave of mine Simon Bisley.  Another righty, who creates like a lefty so who knows….. These things also happen more from those who delve in psychedelics but again, another topic for another entry… ( post edit : ironic indeed )

Here’s are some images I found around the web that I enjoyed.  To this entry I tip my hat to this man, and his career. I don;t know much about his life, or what kind of person he was on a personal level but one can only be in awe at the distance he traveled as an artist of his early years up until his passing last year.  If anyone out there reading this owns any of his work and wants to do a trade for a painting, feel free to reach out.  I would love to own something of MOEBIUS to hang in the studio as a constant reminder of the bar he set, that I am constantly reminded of every time I see his work.  Long live Jean Giraud aka MOEBIUS!

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