Step By Step BRAINLINGTON 6 X 6 ft. on Wood.

Feb. 23rd, Blog Entry 2013.   The Step By Step BRAINLINGTON 6 X 6 ft. on Wood.

I decided to take step by step images over the last few months of this process so I could put them up in order later.  There a few images missing in the middle but I think this does the job.  Have a look. Below is the final obviously.

In the end it is 6 ft. by 6ft. on Masonite and a nice wooden frame backing. The background is my signature acquired collage material and the foreground is Acrylic paint. BRAINLINGTON 6 foot tall. What’s funner than that? The completion of this was perfect timing, as the week it was completed, contracts had been signed to have BRAINLINGTON made into a 12 inch tall Vinyl Figure to be released in limited numbers in June/ July with the company MightJAXX this is just the tip of the ice burg here, stay tuned for more info.