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Sunday, April 6th, 2014

Blog Entry April 6th 2014. a farewell to one of NY's Iconic Photographers and cool ass dude... Clayton Patterson , LES ambassador and documentarian from street level and sometimes upstairs window.  :)

Im basically jacking this from the NY times, but I dont know how else to get the words on here. It was well written and I felt the need to share it with anyone who likes my work, knows I live and breath what NYC has done for me in terms of inspiration and culture. For me, the impact started in the 90's first hand but obviously like anyone else seeing it from a far what the 80's offered.  It's sad today to see how all the culture and rawness that made NYC what it was is being squeezed out like a sponge so clean purebread cultureless blank people can move in, grasp some kind of grundgy persona overnight and attempt to jump into the fast lane to act like they where always here.  Im partially torn myself, admitting that I only moved to Brooklyn in 1996, I can never REALLY claim to be a true NYer I guess... but I take a lot of pride knowing I came here when NY was still NEW YORK, coming down from 2 hours north in the Catskills.... There where no mesh trucker caps, no yellow tshirts, no rooftop strawberry Gardens, no hipsters getting 4 tattoos in one shot then the next day sitting at an outdoor cafe table on on Wifi wearing a tanktop typing away while talking 5 decibels louder then ANY NYer would ever talk in public, to some broad with armpit hairs and a fur vest on with a wooden purse.   It makes me sick to my stomach... I can only imagine someone who moved here in the 70's or the 80's how they must feel to see how NY has been neutered...     I moved here for the energy and grit that was going on in the early 90s. Previously coming to the Brooklyn Banks and downtown to Sk8 with friends we would come down on Trailways buses or drive down to go to raves on the weekends, Roseland, the Roxy, DnB outlaw parties in Brooklyn, and the maybe painting different spots around the city all b4 I eventually moved here in the fall of 96'. Remember the movie KIDS? I was part of that generation basically on the weekends coming down here taking acid partying all weekend, doing graffiti or skating with packs of kids causing trouble.. returning to Kingston for school mon-Friday....   I can at least say I moved here a good decade before the HERBster invaded.  To me Brooklyn was still a Jeru The Damaja Video by the time I got here.... Those days are long gone, all you see now is a bazaar episode of Portlandia on 90% of the streets in Brooklyn.... Brooklandia....  should be a new HBO show....

Below is a heartfelt article of a man I met a bunch of times over the years who even hung around and shot pictures of us painting here and there.  I don't think I'll see him before he leaves but in some way I hope he sees this and knows I'm wishing him a farewell and good health and prosperity in his new voyages ahead.  NYC won't be the same without you for sure.... And seeing Icons leave like this , you can't help but ask yourself, how long can I stick around holding onto somethin I loved that isn't here anymore?  and where would I go? Miami?, Brasil?  I'm holding on as best I can....


Definition of Irony, on one hand NY TImes does a great service writing about Clayton, then on the other hand I go to NYTIMES.COM and see this as the first picture on their site of 2 cornballs visually making me throw up in my mouth alittle.. these fucks are everywhere....

herbs...... yeah i said it.....               judgement at face value.....  I work with what you give me........



Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Blog Entry March 26, 2014  EWOKONE x BPLA

EWOKONE x BPLA .  Here comes trouble........


Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

Blog Entry March 16th, 2014 The STROKE, Ewokone and Converse.

Albert Hammond Jr, introduces The Rubber Tracks Studio with a walk through. Starting outside obviously.

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014


Again humbled when SHUT NYC asked to use an image of mine on their new website. Just like the VSW stuff Im doing now, I along with a bunch of knuckle heads skating in Kingston in the late 80's into the early 90's, we grew up on this shit, and as you get older something weird happens where you hold some of these things to be some kind of nostalgic DNA of who you are, and a specific time in your life. For me anyway.... I think that's why seeing these brands come back, or survive soo long is more important than any Million dollar Nike Campaign forced down your throat on some billboard. When you walk past a SHUT Sticker on a street sign or someone wearing a VISION Shirt it immediately stops you and grabs your attention. you can't buy that shit.... It just rings a cord in you and a lot of others from that specific time frame. I cherish that cord ringing more now, the older I get...

Check out SHUTNYC.COM in the next few days as they relaunch the new site.

VIDEO BLOG 84, DIRECTOR’S Cut ( Extended version)

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

BLOG ENTRY Mar. 6th 2014 VIDEO BLOG 84, DIRECTOR'S Cut ( Extended version) The kick your ass version.

this was a project from Nov. we did on the Youtube lot with Youtube's RED cameras and cranes. Did I use the right names for that shit? Whatever, I love this longer more up close version, check it out.

Thanks to SOH for the love and see you soon for the next installment....

Rome Fortune Video. Four Flats.

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Blog Entry Mar. 5th 2014.  ROME FORTUNE. Fout Flats Video. Brooklyn NYC


Illustration for CTRL Industries

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

BLOG ENTRY Feb. 20,2014  Illustration for CTRL Industries.

Some stages of this new illustration that will be sublimated into the lining of a NYC themed Jiu Jitsu Gi, which will be the graphic side of a collaboration Gi I will be doing with CTRL. This amongst other embroideries and patch work will be also included in the project.  More images to come, but for now have a look at these images below.  Also, there's a small number of VDay Brainlingtons still available on so don't sleep. Here we go....

More to come.....  CTRL INDUSTRIES



Thursday, February 13th, 2014


Dropping tomoro.   #NEONREDBONE   V-Day Release.  In edition of only 80 Worldwide.


Friday, February 7th, 2014

BLOG ENTRY Feb. 7, 2014  Public Announcement. FULL FRONTAL. NEON REDBONE drops next week.

Proud to announce next weeks release of the "NEON REDBONE"  Brainlington.   Exclusively on


Thursday, February 6th, 2014

Blog Entry Jan. 6,2014  BRAINLINGTON new colorway, and ass cheeks...

BRAINLINGTON always showing off.... Turn around!!!


OS GEMEOS. x Hennessy…

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

BLOG ENTRY Feb. 5th.

here is a beautiful mini Doc. on a day in the life with my friends from Brazil... This was really done well. I love these kinds of behind the scene vids.. This Im assuming was to go along with their Hennessy Art Bottle release last year.



Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Blog Entry, Wed. Jan. 29th,2014  EWOKONE, SP.ONE / GREG LAMARCHE and Queen Andrea AOK in Miami 2013. Art Basel.

So I recently got pretty good lit photos from my MSG homies in Miami of this wall we did. We re did this one ( SP and myself ) and QA decided to add on to the far left of the door which is normally a smaller spot, but she jumped right in and kept the color and feeling over tot he far end.  My idea for this corner spot was due to HEAVY grid lock traffic that hits this spot during Basel weekend, I wanted to do another big solid readable "EWOK".  Sp, decided to do a pretty strong Wild Style.  He was also in a better place to do that since his section was a smoother section of concrete wall. I had to deal with a pretty annoying plastering over of what I'm guessing was a window at one point.   As for the actual corner, I decided to add "the Intern"  to the top of last years BRAINLINGTON.   I heard some people refer to it as a "cat hat" on Brainlington, but it's really just the intern lampin' on top of his head...  He got a lot of good feedback over the weekend...

Here's some solo shots....

Video Blog coming soon.


Revisiting a painting from last year.

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

BLOG ENTRY Jan. 25th 2014.  SHINING BANDS MAKE HER DANCE. 2014 completion.

Inspiration to adding to this piece, something I felt was missing. The piece had a great feel for the loose and energetic, I felt it needed a balance in it somehow of a rigid and controlled element.  After re watching Stephen King's story depicted through the eyes of Stanley Kubrick and then watching all the episodes of David Lynch's Twin Peaks I was drawn to the rug patterns used.  I stuck solely to the Shining's Rug pattern as you can see though these progress images below.   Earlier last year's  blog  entry of the painting up to this point can be seen HERE.

The intern doesn't like photographers in the studio.

Annnnnd completed Jan. 2014.    The size on this is 4 feet wide by 5 ft tall. Mixed in Media.



Thursday, January 9th, 2014

BLOG Entry, Jan,9. 2014  CONVERSE x EWOKONE   RUBBER TRACKS in Brooklyn.

This video is finally live. Have a look see.


Monday, January 6th, 2014


A nice, lengthy interview dropped today on touching on a bunch of good topics.  shoot over and have a read....



Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Dec. 31st BLOG ENTRY.  "Unfinished Biz"

Unfortunately this building got sold before we could come back to finish it, I just found this pic on a hard drive and dont remember posting it anywhere so I figured let it get alil shine....  I had a lot of good ideas I wanted to go back and do, this one had potential...  oh well.. it happens sometimes.


last Miame details….

Friday, December 27th, 2013


A few detail shots of my piece on the 004 building, then a last minute alien abduction I did off the head, with a little bit of a Ticoe piece above, unfinished at the time I believe.


Miami fast recap

Monday, December 16th, 2013

BLOG ENTRY Dec. 16th, 2013  Miami Recap in 5 min.

Native Tongue Tribe's Monie Love. Monie in the Middle. 90's super Hip Hop Icon from London, now living in Miami.

The intern was in full swing last week sabotaging last year's BRAINLINGTON hit in Wynwood.

the beautiful Pamela Canellas struck a pose in front of the Intern aka #catlington during her visit through Wynwood.

#SHARKLINGTON on the loose... He was upset that he kept getting left at the beach every year, so he met me on the corner NW 24th and Miami Ave.

a nice night shot of the corner spot I did again with  here's last years Video Blog on the same location...

and then there was that one day at band camp when SP and I took Sotheby's on a field trip to explain the do's and dont's of Graffiti and what door not to walk out of in a gift shop... And they where pleasantly surprised to learn that Graffiti is actually the first real street art, and that stencils and wheat pastes aren't actually the 28th element of Hip Hop..... (confirmed via SKYPE with KRS )



Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Jus' sayin.....



Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

BLOG ENTRY Nov 23rd 2013. Fay Gold Gallery Recap photos.

the last 8 thumbnails where jacked from a pretty dope site called



Thursday, November 21st, 2013

BLOG ENTRY Nov 21th, 2013


Here's the 2 min cut of the Video project filmed last Friday in LA at the Youtube / Google Space. If you're op Youtbe make sure to subscribe to the SUB OVER HYPE Channel as some pretty interesting stuff will be happening over the next few weeks/months. There will also be another longer 4 min cut of this soon as well, Showing more details and more final results....

Dcon and LA update.

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

Nov. 17th Blog Update.  Designer Con and my LA trip recap.  no specific order.


Designer Con, this Sat. Nov 9th at 1pm

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Blog entry Nov. 5th 2013

let's have a little fun....


Update on a few things.

Monday, November 4th, 2013

BLOG ENTRY, Nov 4th 2013.

Ahhh, It's already November, Where did October go?   So Im just going to drop a bunch of shit here to update, no organization, just visual overload. Feel free to digest as you wish.

If you weren't already aware, There's been an EWOKONE "ART" Facebook page created with a bunch of moderators, kind of a mash up of pictures really. It's pretty cool I think, if I ever kick the bucket unexpectedly I wondered what would ever happen to this site... I've spent over a decade adding things to it and it's kind of depressing to think it would just expire, but now this Facebook page popped up and in some weord way I think it's cool that friends and some die hard followers can keep things going....  One of the Moderators had asked me to send them some traffic, so it's the least I could do...  check it out by clicking the picture.

This however is my personal Twitter account.  I was reluctant over the years to bother with this but it has sorta become it's own thing, feel free to link up with that if you're not already linked to my Instagram @MREWOKONE on your smart phone.

Let's get to some imagery....

There we go.. a projectile vomit of imagery........  that was fun , no?



Thursday, October 17th, 2013

BLOG ENTRY  Thurs. Oct. 14th. 2013  FAY GOLD GALLERY.

Very pleased to be a part of this incredible line up.  If You're in the Atlanta area, be sure to get to this opening. Shoot some images, I'm not sure if I will decide to go yet. But I might ;)



Monday, October 14th, 2013


So we had a pretty big SNAFU this weekend with all the madness at Comic Con. What that means for you is that the NYCC version of  BRAINLINGTON will be available to the public while supplies last starting Friday. Please see the info below, and on Friday find your way over to MIGHTY JAXX


for Converse Rubber Tracks, Brooklyn

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Quick Blog Update////

Better pics coming soon....  CONVERSE RUBBER TRACKS Building in Brooklyn.....