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Miley Cyrus Painting , round 2.

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

BLOG ENTRY. Sept. 13th.2014  The MILEY SERIOUS saga continues….

So I hung this piece up for a while and something was missing,  I decided to go back in and ad a pop color outline on the White spiral and to change the nails to an Electric blue, as it also seemed fitting to put Weed plants and Penises painted on her nails, for obvious reasons….

ONLYINAMERICAweb  This was as it looked prior…. and below some images of the processes I went thru…

-9  -12-10-14-13






MILEYSERIOUSwebAnd the final…… This painting is 4 ft. X 5 ft. in size.

The Wreeking Balls Tour…  Miley Serious… 2014….. TWERKLINGTON…. as seen on TV……… Only in ‘Merica…… Corrupting your youth since 2013.


KANGUERRILLADELPHIA available online tomoro….

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

BLOG ENTRY Sept. 11.2014.

Without further a doodoo, I bring good news to those who have been anxiously awaiting info about the online availability of KANGUERRILLADELPHIA Brainlington.   Available 2moro Sept. 12th NY-10PM , LA- 7PM, and Singapore -10AM. $80 each, FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!   Edition of 80 at WWW.MIGHTYJAXX.COM  lets go!!kanguerrilladelphiaweb


Sept. 2nd. BRAINLINGTON Naming Contest. ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT!

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014


So if you haven’t been paying attention, we have announced last Friday a contest to name the new Brainlington that is being released on SEPT. 4th at STGCC ( Singapore Toy Comic Con) at the MIGHTY JAXX Booth.  this figure will also be available on the Mighty Jaxx Website on that day as well while supplies last obviously.

In the meantime I have been asking everyone to Tweet me or Instagram me your name ideas for this Florescent Red and Teal  color way, and for the winning name I choose, will receive a free figure after the release on the 4th shipped to your home. I thought this was a fun way to let people’s voices be heard with a chance to be part of the release.  My TWITTER is @MREWOKONE so be sure to twitter me your name ideas now cuz’ there’s only 2 days left till the 4th!





My Ironman Mark 42 Shoulder Bell detail. ( upgrade )

Friday, August 29th, 2014

BLOG POST Sunday Aug. 24th.  IRONMAN MARK 42 Shoulder Upgrade.

I haven’t been painting ( graffiti) much lately so I decided to share something else, a personal hobby I got into a few years ago, that sorta turned into a little obsession of perfection for me…  Last year I dived into creating my 2nd Ironman suit ( the mark 42 ), it basically took an entire year to build, and paint, with the help of a lot of friends from around the world,  my helmet was made by a guy in Canada “Biggeek1972″. My electronics/ audio  in the hands and Chest reactor came from “Darkside501″.  The actual hands/gloves  where 3d printed by “MrTrouble”. The forearms where sized and 3d printed by a friend named “Abb eliten” and the suit itself was sized and created by a good friend “quovadis0920” from the Phillipines….   When I actually think about it now, it is pretty extreme, but I think my goal was to slowly do it right with the right people no matter how long it took, if I was going to invest all this time and effort and $$$ I might as well make it worth it in the end…

Anyway,  right around October of last year I had to hustle to get it finished and I actually did have to cut a few corners, so here we are in summer of 2014 and Im replacing the shoulder bells with exact movie replica shoulders 3d printed and and recasted in a cold steal black fiberglass (very strong).  I have always been a better painter than builder ( You should see the terrible Mark 5 I made before this suit ) so I decided to show my process to finalizing these to look real and match up to my suit’s paint job from Oct.


                                 5 6

So above you can see the process in which I go thru painting this to look the way I like it…. My suit is “battle damaged” because when I finished painting it last Oct. it was too pristine and looked too clean IMO.  So after about a week of contemplation, I decided to go in on a real damaged look… After a bit of hunting for special effects/ movie tricks in the industry I found out how to give the edges a scratched metal look without ruining all my paint job ( making it look like there’s actual metal under the paint) hard work and basically making it look like it skidded across the pavement or whatever during alil’ battle….


Below are a few reference pics you can see of what the shoulders look like clean, as well as battle damaged…

And the battle damaged look…  Below is my suit from last Oct. with the OLD Shoulders….

So if you’ve been half paying attention, now you might understand where all these Ironman jokes come from around my media and promo outlets…  More updates when I attach the new shoulders and do a test drive fully suited….


EVOLVE Tour NYC Final Shots

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

BLOG ENTRY, Tues AUGUST 12. 2014.   EVOLVE TEAM Tour final pics.


Below are the final pictures shot of the EVOLVE Team’s final tour destination last week in Brooklyn. I broke up the sections for better web viewing and also some cars where parked randomly so I had to do what I could.

Members of the team on this was where , myself ( EWOK ) JICK, ALOY, ABSTRAK, REDS,  and TICOE… we also invited down a few friends in each city the tour stopped at, for this one it was Giz, Deter, Abuse and Duel.  We believe this adds to broadening the exposure of the new Paint formula and performance.  Our goal was to have a good time painting with friends in each city and overall the tour was much bigger and better received than we had intended, unfortunately  TOTEM 2 was out of the country in Japan and was unable to meet us on the tour.  Knowing the work horse Totem can be, I can only imagine what it would have been if we got together on this trip and rocked a few walls….  Who knows, maybe something could be in the works in the near future ;)  ( hint hint)

Check out the picture recap.  ( Video drop coming soon, stay t00ned)

jickwokWEBJick, Ewok and Giz…



abstrk_redsWEBGiz, Abstrak and Reds…. “Do the Right Thing”  a homage to Eric Garner in the theme of Spike Lee’s classic film based in Brooklyn.


Ticoe and Giz with some characters by myself…

This is final shots of the EVOLVE members with a guest appearance by GIZ MTA who was invited to paint with us, along with a few other friends of ours. More when the video drops….





Ewokone x Vision Street Wear x Toto Printing Video drop

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

BLOG ENTRY Tues. July 29th. 2014 Video Drop.

This showcases the process of TOTO Printing doing my screen prints, (unseen is me jumping in and pulling a bunch of the black layers. I Just don;t feel right personally if I don’t get in the mix and do some work. So I shot over to TOTO Printing  and made sure to get my hands dirty for this print process. Then Brought the prints back tot he studio and signed and numbered them.  If youre in the NY area and need screen printing, check out  Tell’m I sent ya,  he’s a great printer with a great work ethic. and his prices are good.


VIDEO BLOG 92. The last of the Brasil adventures.

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

BLOG ENTRY July 15. 2014.  The last and final installment of my Brasil  Adventures, powered by Converse.

another recap from Baller Status Tv.



Friday, July 11th, 2014

BLOG ENTRY  July 11. 2014.  Recap video…


VISION STREET WEAR x EWOKONE Launch event recap.

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

BLOG ENTRY July 9, 2014   VISION STREET WEAR x EWOKONE Launch event recap.

Last Wednesday was the launch event in the Lower East Side for the Vision Street Wear x Ewokone Summer 2014 Capsule…. Below is a bunch of photos that where given to me to share with you all, Photo credit so far goes to Ian of East view Photography, Maria Delmar, and Joe Russo . More coverage will trickle in as time goes on and I will most likely drop 2 videos, one to recap the event, and one of the sold out screen print and the whole creation process that went into it over at TOTO .

Moving on, Wed. was an historic event indeed, many many iconic faces of NYC came out to support myself and of course the legacy and heritage of Vision. I have to admit this has been a dream collabo for myself and I wish the guys over at VSW all the best moving forward, I hope they have the freedom to keep doing good things and the door is always open when they want to come back and do more work together..   Vision is such a nostalgic brand for me that just brings back so many good memories of my youth, and just being in love with skateboarding every single day of my younger years, which ultimately lead me to Graffiti….

dive into these pics…

Lastly I gotta give a plug to the VISIONSTREETWEAR.COM website, where you can swing by and pic up the capsule for yourself ;) while they last of course. Don’t say I didn’t warn you….



Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014


Very proud to announce the launch of this summer tee capsule.  GET IT HERE!



Friday, June 27th, 2014


in promotion of the July 2nd event in NYC, here’s a video of some of the art that went into the Launch event. A behind the scenes studio experience….

Evolve now available…..

Saturday, June 21st, 2014

BLOG ENTRY June 21. 2014  Evolve Paint. New Label, new formula…

004 Connec of Miami is happy to announce a brand new formula and valve system for the EVOLVE paint line.  So it seemed only fitting to dress the can with a new design as well.  An American owned Paint Company available online for $4.50 a can, you can’t beat it!  Check it out at 004CONNEC.COM

And Im lovin’ the Ewok’s Big Apple Red of course ;)


Tuesday, June 17th, 2014


ALL MY LOCALS, I hope to see you all in the house July 2nd.   For an historic event of epic proportions.  stay tuned…. more info as soon as I can share.  for now the basic info.



Monday, June 16th, 2014

BLOG ENTRY June 15. 2014.

free wallpaper… go ahead……


Tribe Called Quest

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

BLOG ENTRY June 11. 2014. Where does the time go?

Where does the time go? This song takes me back to 97 doing hours and hours and hours of homework in my college dorm room… no matter where I am when this track drops It’s one of those immediately nostalgic songs for me. The whole album really, but specifically this track. I can remember the stereo I played the CD in, the weather, the clothes I was wearing, the people I hung out with… everything…


Sunday, June 8th, 2014

BLOG ENTRY JUNE 8TH 2014 Video Blog #91.

the more and more of these I knock out, the more I find it a delicate dance of editing to the song. If it doesn’t line up, it doesn’t make sense. Sometimes it just really fuckin’ works! I can’t explain it……


Friday, June 6th, 2014


This marks the number 90 milestone for my Video Blogs. Crazy, I would have never thought I’d be this many in when I first started. Time flies….

Here we have a Niteroi bus stop we painted and a lil bit of Rio Sight Seeing, a quick walk under the Arcos da Lapa, a trolly bridge that a French tourist died on in 2011 , and the famous tiled stairway in Lapa, called Selarón’s Staircase. Where the artist who started the tiles in 1990 was murdered just last year. You can read more here.


Thursday, June 5th, 2014

BLOG ENTRY JUNE 5, 2014 Sacred Stitch, Made in NEW YORK. Part 2.

Sacred Stitch “Made In New York” Episode 2- Ewok One from Sacred Stitch on Vimeo.

This project was filmed here in the studio a few months ago by the NY Brand Sacred Stitch. I was recovering from a pretty bad head cold so my voice sounds a little off to me, either way I enjoy the end result. Hope you like the way it came out, and check out they’re doing some crafty shit……


Sunday, June 1st, 2014

BLOG ENTRY June 1, 2014 Video Blog 89 dropped yesterday.

Short and sweet.


12Oz Prophet sessions at HQ

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

BLOG ENTRY May 19.2014 12 Oz Sessions at HQ

I’ve been friends with my man RAVEN for a quite a time now, and it’s cool to look around NY and still see some of the people around that have been on their hustle for many years going strong. My man Alan has had his shit goin’ hard for a very long time now and he was solely responsible for me landing a gig back in 2001 at Ecko Enterprises. But before all that, for me it was about scooping up the 12 Oz. mags back in the day ( that I still have every issue) and that was my intro to the Miami scene at the time as well as what was going on everywhere else in the early /mid 90’s. In 2014 it’s nice to see him evolving and keeping the name alive. I put up a ton of 12 Oz. stickers in Rio and it was cool to be putting up the classic black and red logo down in the tropics, thanks to Kelly and Alan for this video drop, always a fun time.
So here’s some original 12 Oz. content that went live yesterday on the site from when I stopped thru HQ. a while back to discuss some future things and I hit up the 12 Oz Black book.

Monday, May 26th, 2014

click now!

Saturday, May 24th, 2014

BLOG ENTRY  May 24.2014   DP print drops Monday.

Monday May 26th 2014 is the date set for this edition’s release. Please stay on MR-EWOKONE.COM and for more updates and any info on release and pricing. Thank you.


something soon….

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

BLOG ENTRY May 22.2014  Something soon…..

there’s a good thing coming down the pipeline….


Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

BLOG ENTRY May 21, 2014 Miley Painting.  “Only In America”

exactly what it looks like. Miley TWERKIN all over BRAINLINGTON’s head……. so what…

yes, her knees are all bruised up….


Digital MTA art.

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

BLOG ENTRY May. 20, 2014

Having some fun with the working class….. may do more illustrations like these of just Ny scenarios…



Friday, May 16th, 2014

BLOG ENTRY MAY 16TH, 2014 Fear and Loathing in Brasil pt. 2 with Phame 2Dxxx. keepin it Riooooooooooo

Trying to squeeze in all this content in 5 videos will be a challenge. bear with me and enjoy the view ;)

the last one is the Hulk hiding out in Brasil…..